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Are you protecting your employees from the increasing outpatient expenses?

The accumulating costs of outpatient expenses keep on putting more pressure on the household budget.

The increase in outpatient expenses is partly due to patients spending less and less time in the hospital. On the one hand, the decrease in hospitalization periods translates into less reimbursement by the hospitalization insurance, while on the other hand, expenses outside the hospital increase. The latter is generally referred to as outpatient expenses.

It is not surprising that outpatient care insurance continues to gain popularity. Employees and their families continuously face rising outpatient expenses, such as payments for medical consultations (visits to the general practitioner or specialist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, etc.), medicines, contact lenses, glasses, dental care, vaccination, and so on. These expenses frequently occur, and little or no reimbursement by national health service is received.

Our solution: Concordia Flex Health, flexible outpatient care insurance for employees and their families

Concordia Flex Health responds to two important trends: the increasing outpatient expenses and the rising popularity of flexible salary systems. Concordia Flex Health is an insurance product focusing on outpatient expenses, offered by the employer to its employees within a flexible benefits plan. It provides a fiscally beneficial solution for reimbursement in outpatient expenditures of both employee and family, without any medical formalities. The reimbursed outpatient expenses concern medical expenses, dental care, optics as well as prevention.

The uniqueness of Concordia Flex Health is mainly attributed to one global cover applicable for the whole family (not only employee) and the yearly possibility of changing the maximum reimbursement. Thanks to the online tool, reimbursement is possible quickly and efficiently.
Take a look at the video and discover the multiple advantages of Concordia Flex Health.

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