In the last couple of years, cyber-crime has become the fastest growing form of criminal activity. Companies rely on integrated computer systems to perform business tasks and collect huge amounts of data. This data is extremely valuable and since GDPR, strongly regulated. Cyber-attacks can cause serious interruption to your daily business and hence, instigate financial loss. Every company should take adequate steps to prevent possible cyber attacks. Cyber insurance not only covers financial losses but is also a form of risk management. The best solution is always one that combines the knowledge of a specialised insurance broker and the IT department.

Why Concordia?

Concordia has years of experience with cyber insurances and is able to guide you easily through the process of understanding and signing a policy. The market of cyber policies is quickly changing and we are monitoring it closely. At Concordia, we empower you to go further, by making you aware of tomorrow's risks.

Who is this insurance for?
  • Every client which relies a great deal on technology
  • Every client which manages a large amount of data
  • Real estate
  • Professional servie
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Residential and care facilities

What we help with :

  • Cyber risks
  • Tailor-made policy
  • Guidance with prevention
  • Guidance with damage
  • Estimating the exposure


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