At Concordia, we actively focus on sustainability by encouraging our employees to use public transport, recycle and support their green initiatives. 

Villa Rozerood

Aside from our engagement naturewise, we pursue social responsibility by proudly supporting a charity organisation called Villa Rozerood. Instead of only contributing financially, we roll up our sleeves and donate our time as well.

We have been supporting Villa Rozerood since many years. As a respite house, Villa Rozerood creates an environment where not only the sick children receive adequate care and support, but their parents and siblings can also relax and unwind. 

Villa Rozerood offers different accommodation formulas tailored to the family. Depending on the needs and requirements of each specific family, the formula may include adapted infrastructure and individualized care support. This amazing place is located within walking distance of the beach in De Panne, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.

Villa Rozerood welcomes children with various syndromes (usually a severe chronic disorder, often with limited life expectancy). Many can hardly speak, eat or drink. The caretakers at Villa Rozerood voluntarily help the families in every possible way. Whether it’s nursing the children and bathing them or pampering them with a massage, they are in excellent hands here.

Share our passion for this inspiring organisation and support them by giving a voluntary donation. Every contribution is widely appreciated and will be put to great use.

How does Concordia help?

Our employees support this action by donating their time and being personally involved. Every 3 months we go to Villa Rozerood for a full day with our employees. We spend the whole day there and do various jobs: gardening, painting walls, cooking and cleaning and even organising activities for the children. 

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